Trader Ho’s

I live very, very close to Trader Joe’s. I haven’t won the bag raffle yet. What gives? Has my luck turned?? Anyways, a friend came over the other night and I made my “dinner in a bowl” – well, actually stolen from my sister- it’s the green thai dish below- and I realized, it may be time to share my carefully tested and chosen list of favorites from Trader Ho’s:

Thai Green Curry Sauce
I zap this for a few, and add it to brown rice, steamed veggies, and, if I’m feeling very culinary, fried extra firm tofu. It’s a great sauce, creamy, spicy, and nutty.

Orange and Cranberry Mini Scones
I’m addicted to these, and have to have a few each week or else I start a Tourette’s-like tic. They’re tangy, with a nice little dab of frosting on top. Cakey variety of scones which I usually don’t like, and they’re no substitution for any of Peets’ scones, but still for store bought in bulk, not bad at all. Good size too.

Mini Whole Wheat Pitas

Also a great size- add goat cheese and red pepper spread, or just dip in hummous. You can toast them too.

Gorgonzola, Walnuts, and Endive Prepared Salad
The combination of the sour cheese, balsamic, and crispy peppery lettuce- it can’t be beat. I’ve tried all the salads at TJ’s and this is the least sweet, and tastiest. They have a problem with the too-sweetness, I’ve found.

Chocolate-Covered Dunkers Cookies
I had to stop buying these because the volume of the packaging is too big for my waistline. I like these because the quality of the chocolate is surprisingly good for a cookie, and they have a nice airy crunchiness. I’ve had to defend these cookies before- recently ahd some mini “Mark Call Julio” cookies that definitely are better, but these, amongst all of TJ’s cookies, are my favorite. And the ability to dunk a cookie, and buy a cookie in a long penile-shape for dunking, has so many pluses to it I can’t enumerate them here.

Sausage Pizza with Cornmeal Crust
I’ve been working my way through the pizzas, despite being Lactose Intolerant, and this one is a winner. The cornmeal crust is quite good, and these pizzas are low on cheese, which I like.

Bosc Pears
For some reason, the produce will suck for forever, and then amazingly rock. The white nectarines were a huge hit with me last season, and now the pears are great. Don’t get the Anjou. Just the Bosc, and let them sit on the counter for a day or two. Good with cheese.