What people are looking for on banane.com

I love reading the metrics reports on this site. I always have. I had a high on 11/10: 141 pages loaded, 45 unique visitors, and 5 returns.

One random post about nude ladies in my gym locker room is the result of a query “Nude+ Gym” … and is the result of a search about once a day.

My name– banane– means “don’t care” in Turkish- bana ne (bana, nay) (“Welcome Turkish Visitors!”). One guy really, really wants to get this email address: sanane-at-banane.com, which, I’ve been told by Turkish speakers, means I don’t give a f**k at I don’t care.com. Clever? Hmmm…

This morning, strangely, I got a ping today from someone’s search of a good friend of mine, Wyatt McDill, who is a very talented filmmaker in Minneapolis. My post just includes his photo, no bio info.

I get a bunch of queries for “Chinese Movie”– proving my friend Jen right when she said, don’t just name it Jiu Jin Shan (San Francisco in Mandarin) but something more accessible, like, oh, “Chinese Movie” haha.

Recently, a small paragraph I wrote on SF scam artist Eleanor Lindquist has come up in a few searches. She’s quite a work of art- and I’m glad some folks are finding out about her.

My article on Sarcasm also gets quite a few hits- I should add the popular plug-in on this blog so that it’s all automatically posted to the side bar (which, I know, I have to clean up).

The all time winner, sadly, is a post I wrote after hearing about my friend’s death: Andrew Martinez’ memorial. I really didn’t post to ride on his fame, I was doing that cathartic writing thing. The massive media attention was disconcerting at his memorial last weekend, mostly beacause of the news cameras that were there- they’re really bright and white and annoying. Also that lots of people showed up who didn’t know Andrew but admired his activism.