Fisherman’s Wharf Treasure Hunt

Lauren’s photos *team 1*, My photos *team 2*

We’re ready, we have the hints, the map, everything, only thing is it’s raining cats and dogs. Someone comes into the bar and says it’s not raining anymore and we’re off.

Well it was more like- we stand around discussing whether we want to go or not, despite about 7 folks showing up two hours before the official bar party to specifically do the hunt. Someone says, “Well, it’s raining anyways.” Another guy says “Actually, it stopped a half hour ago.” OK no more reasons not to go, so we divy up into teams and head out. I’m on one team, that ends up gaining a person halfway through.

It’s 2 miles, and I clocked it at an hour when I did a test run. But our interest and feet last for about an hour. The other team- rebecca, lauren, tink- took a pizza and ice cream break, which was wise. Andreas and I just ended up heading back to the bar early to get some beer. And then we did Irish Car Bombs.

Fish. Wharf is hard for townies. We avoid it like the plague! And thus, it makes a good puzzle with no clear advantages- I even stumped my townie mom when I showed her the list, later. To give her some credit, she knew the corpse outline and the chapel right off- and they were the hardest clues. She also knew some history about the corpse outlines, and was shocked and dismayed when I didn’t know them. That’s another post, I guess.

Rebecca was on the other team and she has wandered around in FW the most with me. She got a couple of them right off, too, but was stumped at the hard ones.

Hardest treasures:
– tunnel to nowhere
– Mariners and Seamen’s Memorial Chapel
– Corpse Outline

Favorite little unplanned things:

– the crab vendors making the crabs move for us (top photo)

– the Pith guy being really into the hunt and saying “You’re not going to post this on the Internet with me nude and the hat…” ideas, ideas.

-Partha breaking down into frustration- was he crying?- and resorting to writing a sign that says “Since 1876” beneath two crossed oars

the cheap pink umbrellas that I bartered for in Chinatown

– that I got the date wrong on “oars crossed and underneath: since 1876”- thanks BoatGirl.

Thanks everyone who came!!