Justin Timberlake is a God

The sequence of my indoctrination into Church of Justin Timberlake.
First, all Christmas vacation have PaxilBack on your mind.

(thanks to Rebecca, who showed me it first).

Then, during Xmas, read Laughing Squid and saw this spoof of his SNL skit that was censored. So he’s inspiring some pretty clever people.

Movie, from GeekEntertainment.

SNL Skit:

I ended up downloading from iTunes last night the entire album- Lovesounds- , and watched, as I do in most of my roundabout way, the “Making of SexyBack.” So, still haven’t seen the video though I’ve seen the entire spinning culture surrounding it! Here, finally, is the SexyBack video:

For me, he was never on the radar until this video, where he totally can dance. Really sounds more like M.Jackson here.

Then, with “Rock Your Body”, I couldn’t believe how fly he was. All the good bits of Michael Jackson, basically.

Speaking of chanbelling, he’s totally Stevie Wonder here: Senorita.

Now, with SexyBack, etc. it’s confirmed. Several good songs on the lovesounds album- and it reminds me, strangely, of Earth Wind & Fire. Ah, Justin. You’re a god. Friend Miranda quoting someone she couldn’t remember: “He’s a soprano who never lets you forget he’s masculine”. In the “making of sexyback” he says something along the lines of- wanting to not do what people expect, but push them farther, do different things, try different things, shake it up. Bravo!