Flashdance Vs. Footloose

There are two people in the world. Those that prefer Footloose, and those that prefer Flashdance. Me: Footloose. Literary analysis of plot character motivation and themes. Method? Post-structuralist, baby. OK it’s been 10 years since I did any form of serious literary anything, so it’s a shallow attempt, and yet, I try.

flashdance.jpg footloose.jpg
Protagonist’s Occupation Welder by day, erotic dancer by night High school kid, gymnast
Global Myths Debunked Erotic Dancers Are Not Dancers, They’re Strippers Rock Music Sends You To Hell
Romantic Motivation Plays footsie with boss at chichi restaurant Flirts with the Preacher’s daughter
80’s Fashion Contribution Off-the-shoulder sweatshirt trend, leg warmers Tight acid wash jeans and spikey clean hair
Signature Dance Move Sweat flinging from her Geri-curled hair while quickly pounding her feet Running through a vacant mill flipping around in a white t-shirt
Character Motivation Class mobility- moving from exotic to ballet dancer Debunking myth, changing community perceptions, getting girl.