Web Favorites, daily reads

Golden Gate These are my favorite sites to check in on. I use bloglines, so it keeps track of what posts I have read/ haven’t read. I don’t like the snark (gawker enterprises), so none of these sites are mean-spirited or vicious.

SF/J . Sasha Frere-Jones, he’s got interesting photos- closeups of street life in NYC, and besides being a music writer for the New Yorker, has great taste in hip hop, for a white guy. And his entries are nice and SHORT. I got it when I randomly searched for SFJ after one of his articles on the New Yorker.

Popgadget for Women. It’s like Martha Stewart meets SlashDot, but hardware. Today was great, with a black restaurant in Beijing, and a fabric keyboard. Neat! Geekie! Girlie! I found this when I was viewing another guy’s Bloglines feeds. Yeah, a guy, reading PG for Girls.

Celebrity Smack. All the nasty celebrity sleuthing of People, but short and with pictures. I like her attitude, too. (and she wrote about my boyfriend JT too, which is not at all shabby.) I found this when stalking some celebrity, and got hooked!

Obscure Store
. Don’t have time to read the news? No prob. Check out Obscure Store- it clips all the “oddly enough” yahoo news posts, and other random local magazine posts. Very odd stuff in there. I found this from another SF Metblog’s writer’s site– one of his favorite links.