New Year Resolutions

Inner Harbor, Baltimore

I usually don’t have any. But this year, I find myself inspired by the motivations of others, so here I go:

– for 1 month, no wheat, to “recalibrate”. Looking at my Trader Joe’s checkout basket yesterday, realized I’m kind of addicted to fruit & bread.
– 30-minute cardio workouts in the morning. I don’t have a problem with getting to the gym twice a week – with yoga & circuit training- but I do have problems doing the cardio portion. Evidence: only 15 minutes on the elliptical last visit!
– clean out study
– go skiing (well, it’s a fun resolution!)

My inspiration comes from: Lauren‘s new workouts, Rocco‘s workout, and Alexajet‘s!

I wrote that a few days ago, and now I can report my status!

– Success with no bread for 2 days. Well, I screwed up at lunch yesterday because the line for the soup & salad place was too long- so went to Subway. But today I stood strong, walked by the scone shelves at Trader Joe’s and did not succumb. I am feeling more energy, strangely. Despite my cold, too. The scones were my easy breakfast, so I’m eating less because it’s all more work. Oatmeal is featuring big. At dinner last night I had to forego the bread on the table, that was tough. I ended up drinking more. Compensating! That’s why moderation is better than the way we demonize food categories. But, alas, I still think it’s a good idea to figure out a diet without wheat for a short period of time.

– 30 minute morning workout- I’ve done this once, so missed 2 days. I got a book that has them all spelled out. The hard part for me is keeping it at 30 and not going on a long walk/jog around the city.

– My apartment consists of piles, all over it, with little stickies on the wall that say things like “Art” and “Keyboards” and “Finances”. I’ve unpacked my study and spread it around. Went shopping for some containers, but didn’t make any decisions. It does feel like I’m dusting out the cobwebs. Getting rid of phone bills from the 90s, stuff like that.

– Skiing: I’m about to make the reservations, so the plan is on schedule! Got a group together, which is fun, since I had resigned myself to going alone. Next is to get shoes- long story but I can’t rent.