What Not to Blog

Aquatic Park 3
(in a blogpost, how postmodern…)

The reason I have not done my daily little bloggorhea is that lately I’m full of things I shouldn’t write about.

– investigative articles that are in progress, involving the police, and eBay. Tantalizing, isn’t it!
– annoying people who email me
– men who annoy me, namely the ones that don’t believe there is an issue with the gender make-up in technical fields
– being ambushed by people about an email I wrote them weeks ago
– frustrations at work, with data
– splitting the check (actually I think I could do this)
– people who think that donating money to special interest groups is a “detriment” to other special interest groups
– boring topics regarding my software projects (Whoops, already did that one)
– people who sweetly ask me for help and I bark at them