Mail (No, Not Male) Obsession

Bay Bridge

I have a minor fetish with mail lately- postage, the process of mail, etc. It’s out of a Millhauser book. Large, ornate, working process that runs smoothly enough to be functional. Neat that some businesses hinge on it, like NetFlix, for example. So coupla thoughts on Mail:

Thanks to coworker in Portland, who dug these nuggets out of a research project on Metropolitan Statistical Areas, which I do adore, which I believe he got from Wikipedia on Zip Codes:

ZIP code 12345 is a unique code that belongs to a General Electric
factory in Schenectady, New York. Each year, the facility is bombarded
with letters from children to Santa Claus, addressed to “North Pole

“In 1964, at the height of his popularity, Smokey Bear, mascot of the
U.S. Forest Service, received so much fan mail that he was assigned his
own ZIP code, 2025”

I have, currently, 3 things in the mail that I’m waiting for every day and I go to the little nook near the door, and dagnabbit if some neighbor’s package of the same dimension is there.

  • designer jeans
  • period piece movie: North & South Elizabeth Gaskell novel made PBS Masterpiece Theater
  • camera back from repair shop

The other thing: about every day I ship something off to an Amazon buyer, and I get to walk into the North Beach USPS station and walk by the looooong line of fools and drop my package at the end of the counter, get eye contact from the person working, who quickly, with a skill that you don’t get in college, scans my package for

  • destination
  • any other marks
  • proper postage
  • my identity

Amazing. USPS rocks. And I’m not just saying that because Heather told me at this party that she liked my stamps post! OK maybe I am.

Update: My mom won an argument on selling shit @ amazon- amazon does not give you more money for higher weight items. You just get $3.49 for all books you sell, despite weight!