Volunteering, Women in Tech, and CANWOW

A truly round table.

Me and my co-volunteers have been working our little hearts out on this big networking event Wednesday. So check it out- the CANWOW party at the Bubble Lounge Wednesday 5:30-8pm. Email rsvp@sfwow.org if you want free admittance.

If you’re a woman in tech and you’re looking for a job, or just wondering what’s out there, come by- you will meet a bunch of cool people, and network with some of the top companies in the area looking for talent. There is so much talk lately about women in tech, it seems- from Joyce’s article “A Modest Proposal” (more response here) to the Girls in Tech party last week. Women2.0 has started up- and fills a real need, I think, in the South Bay and with younger women. It’s exciting that so much is going on! After being part of SF WoW for so long, it’s a real vindication seeing all of this press — I look forward to hearing about all of the cool mash-ups, opportunities, and ventures that spring out of this rejuvenation.

More info here: www.sfwow.org/us/canwow. I’m also really proud that the cool folks at WordPress are sponsoring the event, and my friends at Tatu Digital Media.

Yes, this is what the flipbook, and the movies, and the random photos of the resume roundtable were all about!

SF WoW has been instrumental in my success as a contractor in the local bay area, so I’m still in the ‘giving back’ mode. Also, a ton of my friends are in it :) As I conducted the interviews for the series (password: “canwow”), I appreciated the twisted path that some took to where they are now. Some have never known that programming was what they wanted to do – and they found it by strange circumstance. I always find this community very interesting, basically. It’s been rewarding contacting winners from our Top25 Women on the Web events of yore, too. They are up to some neat stuff- we will post that info soon.