Good Lighting

Nob Hill

I love that photo. Took the Cable Car to John Barleycorn last night around 6:45 and it was the warmest twilight ever. Took a ton of fuzzy photos of Grace Cathedral, then turned to the expensive, affluent, but non-photographed side of Nob Hill and took this one. I didn’t know until I previewed it on my camera that I got the yellow light from the inside of the corner room. Neat.

I am cheap- I will basically go anywhere at night if it involves a Cable Car ride. Got flirtatious conductor on the way out. I was searching for my monthly pass in my purse and he says, “I can tell a local, don’t worry about it.” Then later when I almost missed my stop he explained it must be because, “You’re staring at me the entire time…” Oh, the Don Juans of the Cable Cars. And on the way back my favorite BrakeMan was there, he filled me in on how he had bronchitis for the past few days. I can’t imagine being sick and working outside for the entire day. That’s gotta suck.