Run Ragged

5:50 AM: Hear the adorable voices of my niece and nephew in the other room playing cars. They had been up for an hour.
6:30: First cup of coffee
6:35-7:30: Read 2 chapters of A Little Princess. After Captain Crewe dies of “business troubles, and influenza,” explain terms: diamond mines, poverty, orphans, and “how could things get better?” Tears ensue anyways.
8:25 Line at Mama’s is too long. Decide to try Cafe Divine.
8:30 Return video.
8:35 Divine does not open until 9.
8:40 Decide on Curly’s, have another cup of diner coffee.
8:41 Nephew goes on hunger strike.
9:20 Coffee sucks so we walk to 901 Columbus cafe, get double latte.
9:40 Sit in sun and sing along to The A Train.
9:50 Jump on Powell-Mason cable car. Pay 5$.
10:00 Walk around Cable Car museum. Find the “arm,” make a penny into a souvenir.
10:30 Walk to Nob Hill park.
10:35 Teach “how to start swinging when nobody is there to push you.” Give in and push.
11:00 Walk the labyrinth at Grace Cathedral.
11:30 Go to Nob Hill Cafe and get a proscuitto and capers pizza and a glass of wine.
12:00 Get cable car home. Recite every variation of the word “cable car” with the alphabet- Dable Dar is our favorite. Pay no fare.
12:10 Put mom and kids on 30 Stockton and ride it for a block, on accident.
12:15-4PM Nap.