Technology Failures & Upgrades

Lately I’ve had one or two things crap out on me: camera namely, car as usual, old laptop (replaced with MacBook yay!), TV (replaced but sitll need to hook w/ computer).

New Canon camera died, in my purse with a small thermos full of coffee, that was leaking (made in china), and thus demolished my $300 point and shoot. I know, in the economy of things saving a 1.50 by bringing my ownc offee to work does not merit ruining a $300 camera. I’m still grieving, and it’s like a pet that died- I just can’t get myself to get a new one. Well, now that I’ve uploaded my old Olympus’ photos, complete with tons of purple and orange where they shouldn’t be, I am debating on getting a:
– Digital SLR
– point and shoot
– video camera

Why the quandry? At times, with certain things, I’m insanely cheap, but once in a while I make an investment, like when I was 16 years old and bought my Nikon FM2. It is a fabulous camera. I’ve bought lenses to upgrade, and the body of it just doesn’t stop. It’s a great sturdy manual camera. So I think, 19 or so years later, I can invest in a new SLR, right? But those digital SLRs aren’t something you can slip in your purse so you can take photos of Chinatown late at night on a stumble home. So I need the point & shoot.

Anyone who has witnessed me with my old camera- the Olympus- will remember this:

me: OK hold that, let’s take a photo.
(5 seconds later)
me: Wait, I’m not sure it’s got batteries .. .(mumble mumble… caveat caveat…)
(10 seconds later, people posing give up and sip beer, pull up bra, pick nose, or ogle nearby hottie)
me: (camera clicks)

So a new faster point and shoot- hopefully like Lauren‘s which is as slim as a credit card and takes great photos.

So what’s this about a camcorder you say?

Well back in the day I used to do quite a few videos, and I’d borrow guys’ camcorders. Now for a self-proclaimed feminist that is just not gonna do anymore. OK, and my 8 yr. old niece got one that her mom bought at Target for a (cough) very affordable price. Also, it’s approaching the time of “new creative project”- either filming iMurder or Jiu Jin Shan, orsomething completely new- and having my own tool is a requirement!

Suggestions are welcome.