Rare photo of a person- me, on site at American Express, Scottsdale, 2 years ago. They had the best landscaping (raw desert) around their building and I’d always go take photos around sunset. The infamous “slipping on a square foot of desert floor my first day and falling on a cactus” story is from here. Also, the sign in the middle of the desert: “Future intersection of 148th street and 20th.”

I’ve been inspired, due to my friend Andreas over at, to create a professional site. It’s in stealth (haha) at I’m toying with blog names. “I’m not a spammer”- too negative, then thinking “To spam or not to spam.” “My job was inspired by Monty Python” was also an option. It’s a huge thing for me to have a work blog- I’m very concerned about my client’s privacy (moreso than my own it seems). But I have a lot of opinions about it, and I am a self-employed person with a livelihood that I should tend, at least to some degree. My favorite workblog is my buddy Jenn’s over at She writes about deep stuff. Comparatively, I write about the Denny’s Birthday dinner deal, the most ingenious marketing ever. Anyways, loyal readers (Nancy and Chester) tell me what you think.