Killerizr: Pedestrian Rush Hour

Russian Hill Doorways
Jane switched into her tennis shoes and hiked 10 blocks of sheer cliff, up Russian Hill via Pacific Ave, with the setting sun’s glare smack in her face. She had her iPod on but still couldn’t tune out conversations in her head from her manager, about how she couldn’t get weekends off to take classes in mediation, something obviously beneficial to the company!

She cursed the clueless people clogging up the sidewalk. Take for instance these men with striped shirts in front of her with huge laptop bags weighing them down, and walking side by side (of course). Or this group of three grandmothers with small kids (who were old enough to walk, really) strapped in homemade scarf slings.

She had to wait at Mason as a Cable Car rattled by. Their only real purpose was to take tourists’ money, she thought. They don’t serve any real transportation need.

She wanted to bolt past the striped shirts but noticed her shoes were untied. She crossed the tracks and stopped at the little memorial garden. While she retied them, her ponytail fell over her face thankfully blocking the glare. It seemed the fog amplified the glare, especially when it was low to the horizon. She’d have to look that up on the Internet. She could feel the stress ebb away as her heart started beating faster. She’d just go to the manager above hers and tell him how ludicrous this whole thing was. As she stood up and flipped her hair out of the way, ready for the last 3 blocks of hiking, she could see beyond the gate and into the memorial garden. A hand lay there, palm up, covered in blood. She stopped breathing and inched closer, and saw a face of a man, white, around 40, black hair, staring up at her, obviously dead.

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Ed: Killerizr is in the same vein as iMurder– Beth reappears, along with Dt. Sosa. If you have any comments, suggestions, feedback, etc. please drop me a note!