First Hike of Season


It was sandwiched between a business meeting and a theater outing, so I really had to Day & Night Barbie (with a simple flip she turns from workaday to out-on-the-town). Walked up the PG&E trail, which is far more romantic than it sounds. It has a few very steep climbs and it’s challenging right at the get go. Brother in law runs it in 45 minutes, but I hike it in around 3 hours. I need to bring Cliff bars or a banana, and I need to be in good shape. I surprised myself yesterday at doing the first half pretty easily- if I’d brought snacks I could have finished it. To cut it short, I hooked up with Wildcat Loop trail and got to pass by Deer Hollow Farm- where pigs were cavorting: Apple Blossom & Poppy.
It was me and the men over 50 and moms explaining the details of life to their kids. “Cats eat rats, and if they’re spayed, they’re actually quite useful.” “Mutter means to mumble.” Poor moms everywhere having to explain the obvious within hearing of other adults, and have their definitions of the world posted on blogs.

On the PG&E trail ran across this random sign, and heard the eerie music from Lost!.
Dharma Initiative
I am fully equipped with camping gear as I was hiking up the trail, I realized I’d been among this loud “hum” for a long time, and it reminded me of my childhood. It was the electric lines- the trail follows energy towers up to the Montebello Ridge. I had a powerline above my bedroom, just maybe 50-70 yards. Not a great memory to have, in retrospect.

Powerline, trail