Cash Free Weekend

Moss Landing
(an attempt to live without cash for 2 days, until my bank is open on Monday.)
Sat 7:00 PM On way back from movie realize wallet has been lost/stolen.
Sat 7:30 PM SMS friend to take me out and buy me dinner.
Sat 9:30 PM Read book, watch Ugly Betty online. Make pasta, tomato, and cheese dish.
Sat 9:45 PM Start felt laptop bag craft.
Sat 10:30 PM Thoroughly clean bathroom. Why? Because it’s there.
Sat 12:00 AM Stave off craving for chocolate. Not enough milk to last if I have hot chocolate now. Similarities to Donner Party are all too familiar.
Sun 10:00 AM Eat the last scone. Realize, it’s the last scone. Minor freak-out.
Sun 11:00 AM Read entire paper, clean apt., talk to sister. She offers to get cash if I drive over to Berkeley. Decline offer. I am strong!
Sun 1:00 PM Cut own hair. It’s possible if you don’t care what it looks like.
Sun 2:00 PM Enjoy cappuccino at neighbor’s apt.
Sun 4:30 PM Enjoy jazz set in Dogpatch, borrow beer and entrance money from neighbor.
Sun 6:00 PM Score free chili at jazz thing.
Sun 7:30 PM Make oatmeal cookies, continue felt bag craft.
Sun 9:00 PM Break down, scour drawers for change, get 7$ and buy butter and milk.