Ghetto Block

North Point street

Trying to get out and walk consistently (no cafe/shopping breaks) for 45 minutes a day. Walked an old route yesterday, along Aquatic Park, over Fort Mason and back along Bay. Decided to detour down to North Point and check out an acquaintance’s burrito shop- closed. This block is kind of ghetto, not sure why. Strangely, it seems to get low shopping foot traffic. I’m not sure why, because it’s a major bus route. But one thing is that it doesn’t come to mind as good shopping- despite Patagonia one block up and back. True, it’s not as scenic as one block down- Jefferson- and the bay. Tons of school kids congregate here from Gallileo High School. Ghirardelli has done no retail investment along this block. Friend told me that the burrito place got broken into a lot. A marijuana dispensary was going to go in- but got voted down by the neighborhood. I have to say taht there’s usually trash around here too. You wonder, with blocks like this in an otherwise very cute neighborhood- was it the chicken or the egg? Are there real reasons it’s like this, or could it improve with superficial beautification? Maybe areas that are bare bones industrial are necessary. I have to say- this could all easily be solved by some nice public art, and an acceptance that folks do walk, wait for buses (as evidenced), and live nearby. I think a lot of petty vandalism and trash happens because people think it’s vacant and unused. A simple visual reminder that this is a community and that people are observant- would help the random drunk North Beacher pissing on a doorstep. OK, off soapbox.