Water St.

So I had an insanely bad day yesterday- woke up late, to the power out, and my smoke alarm chirping a few feet from my head. Took a shower in the dark, then made coffee via gas stove and filter. Ran to a local cafe to writeup this review of a marketing book. Then sat in the glare, because it was super crowded and they didn’t have curtains!, for 3 hours writing this review. I know I’m spoiled- I can’t explain why I was grumpy. Perhaps, like a child, I like my schedule and when it’s interrupted I’m just “off”.

So I was still grumpy went home, changed into workout clothes and headed downtown for some errands. As I’m walking down the block, lost in my pissy thoughts, a guy in a worn out suit, with a duffel bag, walking the opposite direction, starts shouting epithets at me. I don’t really notice actually, until he passes by. So I look over my shoulder and he’s looking over his and still yelling at me. For some reason it got my funny bone. I don’t know why. He said about 20 things directly at me with cuss words, etc. and it just totally knocked me out of my self-conscious, anxious, pissy reverie. I was laughing, almost all the way to the crack den, I mean, yarn store. I’m telling you- if anyone has any kind of social anxiety or other odd depressive cycles, have someone just yell at them random swear words and it will clear up the fog. Maybe it was a reminder that there are people more f-ed up than me? No idea.