Killerizr: Wow, You’re a MicroCelebrity*? That is So Cool.

Pacific, Out of Focus

Eric rode the N to Montgomery then walked to North Beach. He was going to the Opera Guild’s Bravo Club. It was at some dive bar in North Beach. He found out about it from Socializr. He was stalking his ex and found out she used this new social network aggregator, so of course he had to get on and follow her around. This time, though, he was just going out to North Beach because nobody knew him there. North Beach didn’t know about Web 2.0, it didn’t even get effected by the Dot Com bust. It was like that Scottish town hidden by fog.

He needed some anonymity in his life. Funny, when he thought about it- people usually went online to be anonymous. For him, he just had to step outside of his apartment. Well, and wear a master disguise: putting on contacts. For some reason dark wavy hair and frame glasses, with an arched eyebrow, was his look. One of his companies had even made a logo based on that. He wasn’t famous like Madonna, he was more, famous to anyone who had been online. Sure, once in a while it came to him that maybe nobody had heard of OpenMic.Com, but it was unlikely. Even when he was out on the Sahara with his ex and yes, even there someone had recognized him. They were in high tech, but who wasn’t nowadays?

He couldn’t wait until he got some hottie trashed and told her what his net worth was. She would freak. He loved that moment. They would go back to his apartment, do some blow, play wii, who knows. The night was his oyster.

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* not coined by banane