Sick Pleasures & Peeves


The joy of hanging out with children (see earlier post) is coupled with the fact that they are petri dishes. So I got some random virus, and ended up missing out on the conclusion of the trial. I was so bummed to get jury duty, and now I’m bummed to miss it! Quasi recovering now, I realize the strange things I enjoy only when I’m sick.

When Sick, This is Fun:
Watching Scrubs back to back
Napping in the daytime
Drinking broth
Listening to the silence, while staring at a wall
Avoiding coffee
Being offline

Things That Really Bug Me:
Neighbors who hire contractors who use power polishers on their hardwood floors at 10am
Girls who wear high heels and insist on walking up five flights of cement stairs in my building (there is an elevator! It IS 2am!)
Not drinking coffee