Killerizr: Stairs & Flakes

Dragon Head
Tony led Jane up the Greenwich steps.

“Ugh, I can’t go anymore!” She whined. She had worn strappy shoes and was paying the price with a big blister on her back heel.

He pinched her backside and she squealed. Finally they reached the top and tromped up the final incline. A cable car rang its bell and blew down Hyde street.

“That guy’s going to kill someone.” Tony muttered.

“Oh god, don’t bring it up again. I’d been good so far – managed to stop obsessing about the killings.”

Tony unlocked his door. “I heard from the detective. He wanted to know if I was in that thing you’re in.”

“What? MySpace?”

“No.” He dragged her up two flights more of stairs.

“Oh god you’re trying to kill me. Facebook?”

“No something like, ‘I can’t get a friend so I make out with my computer’ or something.”

“Ha ha ha.”

They finally reached the top landing and she was full on panting.

“Is that because you’re hot for me?” He said, kissing her neck.

“Uh, is this your subtle way of telling me I need a better workout? Couldn’t they put elevators on these things?”

They walked in his apartment and his machine was answering a message. Mario’s voice rang out in the apartment. “Dude, couldn’t reach you on your cell. Where the hell are you?”

Tony ran his hand through his hair. “Fuck. That’s Mario. I was supposed to sub for him tonight. Shit.”

“I think it was Trieste. He asked me last night but I was totally gone. He’s going to be very, very pissed. Oh well. I’ll talk to him tomorrow.” He winked at her. She rolled her eyes and walked into the kitchen to get some wine.

“I don’t understand, why do you still bartend if you have this advertising job?”

Tony took off his shoes and sat on his sofa, looking out at the view of North Beach, Telegraph Hill and the Bay Bridge connecting to Treasure Island. “It’s just a way of staying connected to the neighborhood. I love those guys, and it’s a way I can help out. They don’t want charity, they just want someone who is comfortable and knows everyone and can take the odd shift without training, and be on call for like, years. And I like it. I like serving people. Like your job is to be there, do things- make a latte,take change, and, voila, everyone’s happy. At MacKennon, it’s like a never ending process of not getting things done.”

She curled up next to him and passed him a glass of Cabernet. “Yeah, I can see that. I’m usually so mad at my boss I can’t see straight. If one day he just stopped existing, I wouldn’t have to do yoga, I’d cut my workouts in half, and probably stop eating chocolate. It’s like I do all this just to deal with unpleasant people and my insane temper.”

“‘Cease existing?’ That sounds highly suspect.” He started kissing her. He loved it when she got this aggro streak. It was so in contrast to her waspy blond looks and giggly demeanor.

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