Warming Hut is Dead, Long Live the Warming Hut

I wanted to write an entire post about how much I adore Skype, but instead, I remembered I really wanted to write that super witty post title above. Yes, the Warming Hut was damaged by an exploding electric car– owned by the city and recalled but they didn’t’ return it (!). I walked down there myself yesterday and discovered this is still true, almost a year later: it’s shut down. Yet, it lives on in the cool Chrissy Field center, well beyond Sports Basement, thus a bit hard to discover. Not the same menu, nor the same welcoming building so remotely near Torpedo Wharf, but it has other benefits. A nice all Plexiglas wind guard, because if you know that strip of land you know your ears will be cold and buzzing all afternoon from the super strong coastal blow. Close vicinity to SportsBasement, which meant we bought some tennis rackets. Still the same old eco-friendly products at the tiny gift shop, and interactive museum-style exhibits. I could get all my multitude of nieces & nephews presents from there, they’re really cool. They also have big shelf on SF history books, too.

My old hiking/biking route was to do a loop, from North Beach to Fort Point. I loved the midpoint destination- getting a hot roast beef sandwich on a Franscini roll and a latte (see above photo) while watching illegal crabbers, kayakers and light craft head out into the open ocean water. We watched a windsurfer launch out, that was very interesting. He actually stepped right onto it. It looked very easy.