Best Small Team

Something about last night’s pub trivia was magical. I got there at the same time as I’ve gotten there last four weeks (I’m compulsive, I know). 8PM, to get a table. I chatted with a guy at the bar, then saw some people leave and swooped in on their table, beating out other folks waiting for the same one. My friends arrived and we managed to do the hardest thing- pick a name. It was a core group of trivialists, who I had actually met playing trivia.

Round after round, we aced it. The staff was nice, the MC kept swinging by and giving us cute little Irish leers and inside jokes. He even chuckled as he checked one of our score sheets. We managed to get 2 points on the final tough round, and we ended up in third, but best of the small teams. One of the large teams even admitted eavesdropping on us to help out their score (they ended up winning). Then, on the ride home we realized that our drink vouchers were worth more than the first place prize (30$) split by 10. Huzzah!

Because I know you want to know, here are some questions we got wrong:

Apoplectic: what organ is affected?
The current pope was archibishop of what city?
The novel “the Carpetbagger” was about what millionaire?

Some tough ones we got right:

Druzilla and Lady Tremain were characters in what Disney animated movie?
Who sang the most 007 songs?
In what country were they holding a conference on violence in Darfur?

The sad bit of the evening is that I thought I heard the MC mention there would be a round all about Tu-Pac. So all game I was waiting, vainly trying to remember the two documentaries I’d seen and recall all of his songs. One of my teammates told me it was a joke.