Tourist Stupidity & Being a Local

Waiting in Line, powell turnaround
So I’m on the cable car leaving Union Square, going up Powell towards home. We’re 1 block from the crest and a couple tries to make a run for it- the woman gets on, the guy misses it. We’re about 10 feet up the hill and the conductor stops. They ring the bell, the cable car slides back down the hill, the guy gets on. And then, gets totally bawled out by the conductor, which was great to witness. These selfish acts by people irk me more and more. Funny was the guy’s silence as he stood there, all of us boring eyes into him. He’s like – “I didn’t think this far into the plan, when everyone gets mad at me for holding up the train…” Moreso, though, I also don’t hold much stock in cable cars on those hills, so anything stopping it and altering the program is a little scary.

The conductor was funny- he was extremely efficient. After witnessing a trainee, I really appreciated his skill. After it emptied out a bit I told him I wanted to stop at Chestnut, and he looks at me, and goes, “A local?” I’m like, yeah. “Why did you pay five dollars?” I love that. He said he recognized me, which was weird because I didn’t recognize him and he sees a million more people a day than I do, and, I’m not on the Mason line that runs near my house, but on the Hyde. So we chit chat for a while- discussing the random rain lately and what is the optimum ticket purchase price if you infrequently take the cable car. I love the cable car.