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So my mom turned me onto a new blogeuse. Monterey News. I’ve been really enjoying it lately. She has an interesting Buddhist approach to life, and her writing is simple and descriptive, and non-conclusive (my pet peeve). She’s in my mom’s Monday Lunch Group- where they talk about anything universal, no grandchildren discussions. I’ve been- they’re fun.

Writing one or two posts for Kulturblog— wow, do those people know their TV (and movies, and literature). A small pod of smart, interesting folks. An oasis compared to the kind of rancor and name-calling of the comment section on SF Metblogs, I can tell ya.

Obscure News Reading Room. Is the News getting you down? No problem- read this and you will really get depressed. Random stories from all over, about strange occurrences. The comments threads are the best, too.

Some quick links:
New York Times Most Emailed Articles. Good if you don’t have time to read the entire news.
Curbed SF. Random insight on real estate. I never thought I’d read these, but it is fun, like touring open houses, to see the inside of houses.

Enrico’s has re-opened. It’s phenomenal. A neighbor and I were just bemoaning the fact that it had closed. It’s such a nice place to get wine on an early afternoon weekend or Friday. And, it’s in Bullitt. Now we won’t let the 19-something, party posse, cruising and strutting youth destroy the Broadway Corridor. We won’t!