Endings & Beginnings


I’m ending my board-ship of SF WoW. I’ve been there since 98, 10 years! It’s time for new blood, and I want to free up my volunteer time to other organizations, and projects of my own…

I sat next to a short film producer/writer/director last night, and we talked for hours it seemed on what it takes to do a movie. From my short amateur experience with my webisodic Lava Lounge in ’98 (bits are here), I got all excited once again about doing Jiu Jin Shan- or iMurder- or Killerizr- really any of the scripts I have lying around. So revved up again for a new beginning. This is just the kind of thing, along with other non profit volunteer roles, I wanted to do wtih my extra non-SF WoW time!

As to new beginnings, too, I got my bike out of my closet and spent an hour looking for the bike pump. People talk about forgetting how to ride a bike, but what about forgetting how to pump your tires up? Things have changed in tire-pumping technology from the 70s. I called my brother-in-law, which is a bit of overkill since he’s a bike company VP.

“HI Mark”
“Hi Anna. We’re biking, like right now.”
“You’re talking on a cell phone and biking? Isn’t that illegal? Well this is good, because I don’t know how to pump up my tires on the bike I got from you.”
“You unscrew the [insert technical word] from the [insert other technical word].”
“I don’t have that. I have a little screw, near the bottom bit.” Realize, while saying that, that directions like “up and down” are kind of useless on a wheel that spins. Hmmm.
Mark: “And when you press down on it some air should come out.”
Me: “Ah……”

So two and a half hours from the minute I got my bike out of the closet, I’m heading on a long 10 minute ride along the Embarcadero to the gym.