Taking BART

Ferry Building
I popped out of bed early, bundled up my stuff and walked 20 minutes to Market Street. It was Friday, and damned if I was going to sit in Friday night traffic getting back to the city. So I had planned ahead.

I had 3 BART tickets that had been sitting on my desk. One was for 14 dollars. I got to Montgomery stop, and they were demagnetized. Embarcadero could only issue make-up tickets, so I had them check my tix, then they issued me a “voucher” for the 1-stop ride to Embarcadero. On retrospect it probably would have been faster to walk, since the stations are connected. Now I’m doubting myself. Are they connected? Hmmm.

Down three flights on the escalator, waiting for a train for five minutes. Back up three flights to the first kiosk, where they take my voucher and let me out to the other, official BART stand. Then I get issued one pristine 20 dollar new BART slip. Back down to wait for a Richmond/Bay Points.

Twenty minutes later hustle onto the nausea-inducing EmeryGoRound. Twenty minutes later, arrive at work. Total time? 1-1/2 hours. Neighbor tells me it takes him 1 hour back and forth door to door, but he runs for connections (I found out, later that night). Still, better than driving on a Friday.