Day 10: Procrastination

dusk and au lait

From Beer & Chocolate, Chapter 2

“No, I don’t think so. Anyways, besides the massages, and organic cafeteria, the rumors are true, there are Segways all around. In fact, you could use a Segway getting from here to the office. That would so rock. When I’m down there, I’m like always on those things. It’s the best thing in the world. You don’t have to walk anymore, and it’s so fast.”

“Have you thought of working at Google?”

“Oh sure, they’ve offered me positions there, but now that I know what it’s like to work there.” He leaned in to whisper, “They work you really hard. For the first few weeks, they look at who has put in the most hours, and everyone else,” He gestures his throat being slit.

“Ah…” They had both finished their meals. The waiter dropped off the bill. “Don’t worry about it, this is on the company card.”

Paul leaned back in his chair and straightened his t-shirt. “Hey what do you do a round here? You want to go get a coffee or something? We’re near North Beach, right?”

“Oh yeah, sure. We just have to walk over the hill.”

Half an hour later, they stood panting on the Filbert steps.

“I wish I had a Segway.” Paul said.

Never has my apartment been cleaner. I’ve recycled a years worth of magazines. I have wiped up dust bunnies. I’m about to reorganize my kitchen.

Update: 12:14AM, 1,500 word debt heading into tomorrow, but no worries. I’ve covered a lot of plot ground today! Favorite exerpt out of the last few pages… Liz and Raul, the bitter painter ex-dot commer.

They went back to Noc Noc for another drink before she continued home. He walked her to the Muni tunnel, a landmark for them both, strangely, as an in between stop, and he kissed her for the first time. She liked his looks, she liked his sense of humor, and she left the kiss wishing there was something more. But she was uneasy also. He had an energy and she didn’t quite understand its source.