Day 13: Writing A Lot


Because, as the title goes, I’m writing a lot, I’m not going to blog. I’m just going to reference a past blog post that is quite popular.

My famous friend Wyatt McDill drives a lot of traffic here. Today, got someone clicking through trying to find Wyatt’s video of indie rocker Jeff Hanson: “This Time It Will.” When folks look for Wy, though, this is the post that comes up, which is one of my funniest stories, of doing a very scientific online dating social experiment with an ex. Competitive Online Dating. The connection between the photo and the blog post is his kung-fu fighting while double-fisting.

I’ll update this post with an exerpt of the novel when I have a good one!

p.s. The photo is of Shin & Lee, dressing as Lee on Halloween.

The fog was staying in that night, so she was truly freezing, and the damp cold snuck into her layers and with the fatigue, she just couldn’t stop focusing on getting into bed and curling up and sleeping for a millennium.

She didn’t quite notice the hug, kiss, or cuddle Paul gave her as he tucked her into a cab and she gave instructions on where she lived. The driver seemed used to incoherent, sleepy, drunk people because he drove quickly across town. She held a twenty tightly in her hand so she wouldn’t have to rummage in her bag later.

Bed never seemed more comforting and warm. Her mind buzzed with the booze and conversations. She was deeply happy that she wouldn’t have to worry about the photo.

Her alarm drove her crazy the next morning. She bashed it into submission, ripping the cord out of the wall, only to jump out of bed with an adrenalin rsh when she heard the tumblers on her front door lock turning. “What the…”

Dani stood in her hallway. “You totally forgot about me, and your friend Raul found me outside work with my bags, and he put me up. But I am so mad at you.” She stormed down the hallway to the living room and Liz could hear her dropping her bags angrily on the floor.

– exerpt from Beer and Chocolate, Chapter 2
12AM, but I’m close to the finish for (technical yesteday’s) goal! 1500 to go.