Day 17: The Shark

In my word count document, I wrote:

total novel right now: 22,910
Words to write to make total goal: 5,429
Ch 3 document goal: 4,565
5:07PM, write until 6:15PM, 1500 too high a goal for today?
(doc goal: 2364??, we’ll see.)

Managed to surpass the hour goal by about 10 words. It’s effective, if quantitative and compulsive, of me to have a document goal, a session, goal, etc.

Wrote about Liz’s very conflicted state of having somewhat come to the realization that Raul sucks. And, Dani’s increasing “lydia-ness”. Lydia is the flighty, officer-obsessed youngest daughter of the Bennett clan that ends up compromising each sister’s prospects at marriage. In the contemporary economic version of this novel, Lydia has been various people in the remakes. Bridge Jones’, she is just a compilation of a random ex-girlfriend of Hugh Grant’s character, as well as Bridget’s ridiculously annoying mother, who ends up having an affair. Darcy doesn’t necessarily swing in and save Bridget. BJDiary is a very loose adaptation. anyways, mine is more close, as I’m really having a younger, highly hormonal partying sister. I haven’t’ done a good job at focusing her voice more, and that’s what rewrites are for. As the inspirational message from Nanowrimo says, this is the point that you want to give up (last night I really wanted to give up,) and like a shark, you need to swim or die. One word after another.

p.s. photo is an embroidered sample of something my mom is selling.