Just invested in some iTunes/Amazon MP3 songs- last two albums by John Legend & Anthony Hamilton, Bill Withers, and random songs from Charlie Parker, Damien Rice, Dave Brubeck… it’s the symptom of looking into other recommendation engines, and sitting in your living room doing a lot of work, and really enjoying good working music. Pandora is responsible for picking out those artists- besides my sister Jenny recommending Damien Rice- based on liking one song, Pandora has setup a “Bill Withers” radio station and suggested Anthony Hamilton, and John Legend, and I have to say, it was largely right on the mark. I guess I like high ‘vamp‘ factor music, in minor keys, with Latin Salsa/Funk. The “why we chose this” option on Pandora is kind of addictive.

What’s at work here
I’ve put in Amazon Associate links into the body of the above post as a test. I setup an associate account, and included some javascript– a widget– that, on the fly, changes the link to some names I’ve put above, for example, Anthony Hamtilon. I put in search words, “Anthony Hamilton”, and the category, “MP3 Downloads” and it did the rest- adding my associate code so I’d get credit for anyone who clicks on it, and create an acceptable target landing page for the click. Nice.