Astronaut Landing in Peril

“Jack, is your ventilator working?” Ahmad asks from behind his mask. He’s preparing to get up. He can barely move his legs in gravity controlled moon boots.
Jack nods- their radio’d together through the helmets. He wants to head to the translucent green goo waterfall and then survey some damage done to their van after unloading.
Neither men know they’re being watched.

Today was so busy and at 11pm, I’m supposed to delve back into Business Idea, as I have a large list of bug fixes and features to code- have to check Amazon features- and all the while I know that I’ll be so buzzed working I won’t get to bed at a reasonable time. So I go through my photos and narrate little stories about them, clean up my lasagna mess, discuss Amish bread recipe with fellow baker.

On a random note, my writeup & photo of baby shower cupcakes are really popular on this site, my weblogs tell me. Can you tell I’m trying to go a week without sweets?