Small Joys

Aquatic Park
I hit three cafes yesterday in the search for wi-fi as I had to get out of the apartment for a few hours. Result? None. It was a combination of poor choices and downtown being a Saharan dessert during a bank holiday. On the 3-hour, 3-mile walk – including shopping errands, of course– I eventually made my key destination: Chameleon on Leavenworth & Pacific. But as I had just ordered a tuna sandwich I was informed they were closing in 20 minutes! Luckily ran into an old friend and we stood talking for a long time outside.

Finally got home to a pristine loveliness of a clean house. Something about the long, hilly walk with a 10-lb computer bag (note, small justification for Mac Air here) meant that I could concentrate on my Business Idea for five hours, and finally got a few things figured out:
– Why I was getting a timeout on my master algorithm: a loop based on an increment that wasn’t incrementing, pointless looping, and some illogic within another loop. I’m on revision 15 of this baby.
– Finally accessed the Amazon order process- which I have been putting off for ages.

I’m sitting here watching an 11am grey rain, that’s strangely glowing all around, and thinking about two funny videos. One, that shows the worst marriage of Euro-pop and inanity of popular hip-hop (don’t need to watch until the end), and the remake that is pure genius. The best lines are at the end.

We’ve got food in a wall
Bad customer service.
The summer’s like the fall,
The sun makes me nervous.

Credit for those links goes to the masterful commenters on!

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