Other Cities: Miami

Old style
I walked by this building a few times between my hotel & another identical hotel, and wondered what it was. There are tons of skyscrapers in Miami, el capital de cuba. Some random observations on Miami:
– Lots of Haitian cab drivers that speak Creole. Creole, to me, is like learning French. Some of it sounds familiar, but you really have very little idea what they are saying.
– Randomly expensive things, like a $32 mediocre mojito in South Beach and kobe beef $60 by the ounce.
– Inexpensive, very tasty ceviche and lots of great seafood. The honeydew melon was to die for.
– Never wearing the sweater you wore to the airport. In fact, never even thinking of taking the sweater out of the suitcase, and this is winter in Miami.
– Rats in the palm trees, rats in the boulders near the park.
– Incredibly nice shop owners that tease you, and make fun of your lack of knowledge, but in a very sly way
– Good music everywhere, piped into shopping malls, markets, restaurants, clubs, sidewalks, clothing stores, even elevators. Like songs you forgot, that you can kind of dance to, and you know all the words. Sure, most of it from jazzy 80s, but it still works.
– Incredibly beautiful men and women, walking around. Never seen eating, though.
– A British pub in South Beach that contains: hot Latina women bartenders, a large fountain in a courtyard, palm trees, and neon.