Finishing Things

Tall Ship
I’m just alerting you to the fact that I am working on finishing my business idea, which is Annaboka ( anna+book, in Swedish. I am working on the login process, so the minute I iron out the irregularities, I will open it up to whomever is interested. I gave it an allotted time of 2 months, and I’m over that by a few days, which isn’t totally bad.

I’m a finisher. I took a train trip with my Mom once and finished about 3 of her sweaters she was knitting, which means sewing loose ends and tying back cast off threads, adding buttonholes and sewing on buttons- not so much fun. I just like to complete things. Granted, it’s a kind of compulsive behavior. I like closure, and I tend to wrap things up regardless of the quality. Which means, for novels, some pretty bad endings. But you can always re-finish things! I just hate letting the inner critic run rampant, and I think procrastination is all about letting that little twit have control.

So I’m not letting the business idea drift into obscurity as other things demand attention – the success of the workblog lately, which is truly cool as it’s associated with what pays the bills! – I’m definitely focusing on the Biz Idea and it’ll be out soon!

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