Year End

I haven’t really felt like blogging lately because I’ve been overwhelmingly busy with paid work & unpaid work ( I write pieces and then don’t go into depth, and end up deleting them. This goes in waves- at some point I’ll come back to feeling expressive.

OK I was over that in a nanosecond.

Overheard in random locations in San Francisco:
me: “Was that the time you were rolled?”
him: “I had 500 dollars in my pocket. It was unfortunate timing. My grandfather had just died, so I’d been drinking and talking to my grandmother on the phone for hours beforehand.”
him (later that evening): “There’s a fancy twist when you get to the end of the [large drinking] boot.”

older man: “Hey how are you?”
teenager: “Are you working on your book?” Sits down across from older man. “I’m Good. I wanted to talk to you about college.”
older man: “You just have to ask yourself, are these the friends that are going to help you get where you want to go?”
teenager: “Well, I want to be a rapper.”
older man: “Exactly! That’s what I mean. Are they going to help you?”

Teenager: “Like, I’m here,” gestures down near her waist. “My friends are here,” gestures somewhere around her head, “And you’re like, way up here.” Gestures towards the ceiling. [On descriptions of Internet technology user adoption in her high school in Minnesota.]