Humbled by CSS

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I’ve been putting in some long hours working on Annaboka (feel free to log in, check it out, give me feedback! and I’ve come full circle on one of my least favorite forms of self-knowledge, realizing you didn’t know what you didn’t know.

I’ve been cruising around with a 1998 version of web engineering, and it has kept me in this nice bubble of knowledge, albeit limited knowledge. Sure, I knew CSS, but I forgot all of those lovely aspects of it- forgot or had never learned?- and realized I had put in hours and days and weeks on bad design decisions. If I had just listened to some knowledgeable friends (CINDY) who had offered up the meager suggestion that I do it in (real) CSS instead of the cobbled together, crickety version I had going. Sigh. Well now, it is better, and clearer, and the code is clean, and I can do a ton more backend and front end gizmos since… did I say this already?.. the codebase is a lot cleaner.

I still have more to learn, but at least I’m in a place where I know what I don’t know. (well, until I find out something I didn’t know.)