I devoted 15 minutes to lap pool swimming yesterday. I happened to take Soy protein that day to boost my energy, but it was not worth it in the end.

Let me tell you why. I had biked, done a circuit, and had another biking in front of me (though only 1.7 miles). It was tough swimming because it’s so *boring*. It’s really hard to go back to indoor pools when you’ve been in open water. It’s just more convenient, with showers, and it’s near my gym where I’m already motivated to exercise. Open water swimming involves getting a buddy to go, (and there are few that do open water!), etc. Afterwards, I always feel like a beer and a rich Indian food which, surprise!, is right next to my house on the way back from the Bay.

The best part of swimming at the Y is the whirlpool afterwards. I found a great shot for a movie I’m not going to make: from the whirlpool at the Y you can see across all lap lanes out a large arched window, onto skyscrapers. As people swim by, their arms are thrown up, so imagine lots of people swimming at different speeds, different directions, foreshortened into about an inch of visual space, in the forefront of the large arched window. Talk about a hard shot to get.