Green Parrots

The reality of living in North Beach: noisy parrots. They swoop by the place where I work, sitting next to my balcony, and make a horrendous clatter. They’re really noisy. I mean, really noisy. But when you’re hiking up a long winding staircase to the top of Russian HIll, you’ll turn and suddenly confront a half dozen perched in a bush. Like, right up close, you and them in their little green fuzzy feathers and bits of red. Freighbor Miriam took some photos of them – when they hang out they are usually in big bunches. I’m slightly anxious that they’re going to climb on my shoulders and arms I’ve seen them do this to a Muni driver on break. Honestly, if you’re in the wrong mood and they swoop over you and cackle, it’s the most annoying thing in the world. But then if you’re in another mood and find them quiet and gathered together like a crowd listening to a concert, it’s cute and unique, and makes me appreciate living in such a wacky place. And they’re better than the Mission’s finest (pigeons).

Photo: thanks for the great photo, and rent the DVD: The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill