North of Watsonville, Saturday
I took that without looking- drove in and out of a thunderstorm going South on 1 last Sunday around 3 PM. The air smelled like bad electrical wiring. Huge drops of rain that flew at you horizontally. I kept thinking that it was desert weather, not coastal. I got about 7 voicemails, and called back my dad, asking him to consolidate all the messages (they were from his house, just different phones/ cells). Unfortunately he didn’t check with my Mom, who was calling to tell me *not* to take Highway 1 because of thunderstorm and fire alerts. I kept thinking, as I drove, that I could pull off and wait until it passed, but decided to pull on through. I literally jumped out of my skin when I saw a thunderbolt at 11 o’clock, and heard it directly after. It was only a few hundred yards off, if time is a distance factor. I also considered that I was grounded, since a car is rubber to road. But I was also driving behind an electrical truck with an antennae. Then again, they should know the issues involved in driving through a thunderstorm!