Girl Weekend

This Thursday night begins… Girl Weekend! I was invited by one of my sisters to attend the conference of girls in our family up in Seattle. It’s going to be fun. Unfortunately one or two can’t make it, but we’ll do the best with our small numbers. I have a few surprises in store. The first night is at mi casa, and then all of us nervous nellies fly to Seattle, then a few days of gluttony and back again Sunday. On my agenda is my favorite bakery/cafe. When I lived there I had a delicious commute every morning – trot down my staircase, walk a few blocks up 1st Ave to Macrina Bakery, sit and look at Elliott Bay over a cappuccino and one of their amazing muffins, then a mile brisk walk past Pioneer Place to the Smith Tower. I didn’t think life could get better. Well, then I moved to North Beach :) So I’m taking my oldest sister Sally to this cafe (pictured above is Amy not Sally)- we have dreams of opening a bakery sometime, and Macrina is my model of cafes done right: working, artisan bakery with a small espresso area. Great natural, healthy ingredients made into tasty muffins. Oh, and spending time with my sisters will be great too.