End of Summer

Nob hill in the morning

I’ve had a fun summer, and it’s kind of depressing, but time to acknowledge that it’s over. I was away for almost every weekend, except one or two, and those were full of friends or relatives visiting. The weather has turned south and the water near my house at Aquatic Park is near freezing. I really can’t swim there without a wetsuit, because I missed the summer months when the temperature is manageable. I’m not looking forward to losing the tan that I earned from hikes and beach trips. It’s hard because San Francisco rocks in the summer, and it’s a great city in the winter, too, so travelling is bittersweet when I get home.

Probably my best moments this summer were lounging at the beach in San Diego, seeing my nephew’s hair turn white with the sun. Sitting around a campfire tired from swimming, but surrounded by good friends and majestic grove of redwoods. Looking up into the night sky in the El Dorado wilderness and seeing the Milky Way- and floating on my back in the middle of the alpine lake listening to nothing at all. Sipping beer and revelling in my dorkiness at the Rennaissance Faire in Golden Gate Park, watching the mist float by on a freezing summer afternoon. Good times.