Humidity Makes a Nice Forest


Before I went to Portland, I wrote this long post that I deleted about problematic feelings regarding that town. Then, I went, had a great time, and now I’m back to thinking of why I don’t live there.

So, this is a moment I experienced on the third morning. I dragged my ass up a hill to my parked car, near the hotel. I was hot from the walk, it was muggy out, and the car was covered in dew. It steamed up right away. That humid, stuffy feeling brought me vividly back to being 19 and hustling somewhere with books, jackets and umbrellas in partial not-quite-raining drizzle. Probably dragging my backpacking gear to a friend’s for a long haul out to the Coast. Or carrying books back from the library or to the coffee shop. I had a muddy hike uphill two blocks to house. Anyways, I won’t miss that. I like dry California. I’m superficial and weather means a lot to me.

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