Eating Well For a Living (Kinda)

my rough life You too can enjoy this occupation: write a post on using the Michelin guide and win $150, or a weekend in NYC. Info here: Michelin Discovery Contest. People who I think should do this: Loan, Kathy Me, Rebecca, Greg, and any one else who so feels defined!

Just came back from eating at Range- didn’t know they had a star- and earlier today up in San Anselmo at Insalata. Can I bitch? I mean, I’m lame because i didn’t plan this better, but on a rainy windy day all I wanted to do was cuddle up and read a book. Instead I was darting around to get my Russian Visa figured out, vote, find parking at 3 different downtown locations, then get home, write a quick blog post, then figure out a powerpoint for a talk and run out again to the Mission. If anything bugs me more, it’s driving to a place I could walk to 2 blocks in a previous life. Sigh. OK, thanks, that helped.

On an up note, a friend sang Superstitious (by Stevie Wonder) at the top of her lungs on the Golden Gate as I had a bit of an anxiety attack during high winds & rain therewith. And, got mega inspired by another friend at dinner, he who is boundless with energy. Also, the ocean was gorgeous today in its grey green storminess. My dad peeked in my mom’s Skype window and enjoyed the joys of video conferencing. I had a great talk with two ladies in line to vote. So the goods outweigh the bad, I just feel so bedraggled.

I’m writing 5 little write-ups for Michelin that I’ll post here when they go up there… old-school publishing style!