holiday feeling

Cosy work cafe
I got the holiday feeling yesterday. Maybe it was finally settling some affairs so I could leave town in January, replacing my phone, or watching a sappy holiday movie (Love, Actually). Regardless, I got the spirit. Here’s a short list on what makes the holidays great.

Eggnog! I love it! It doesn’t love me but I don’t care!
Christmas Food. Tamales, busch de noël, bon-bons (coconut-walnut, chocolate cold dipped things), panetone, a good roast beef with yorkshire pudding. Most ofall, though, these sweet, eggy saffron St. Lucia buns my family makes.
Lots of visiting. Family, friends, parties, etc. I like just the overwhelming togetherness feeling. Before the self-help rush in January, let’s just enjoy each other’s quirkiness.

So eat, drink, chat, and don’t exercise or figure out your faults. Put that s**t off.