Time to Create

swedish townhouse
This is a good time to start a business. I keep saying that, wondering if it will come true the more times I say it. Why do I think it’s such a great time?

– There are some amazing people who have time and energy
– Said folks are very highly skilled
– Last time there was a downturn, the people who worked hard at something did quite well
– It’s creating something out of nothing.

At the She’s Geeky conference, Kaliya (Identity Woman) said a very telling thing, “We’re the way out of this.”

Our impulse is to hunker down, not go out, lead even more conservative lives. I don’t think those are bad ideas at all. What is also needed, now, though, is to create something out of nothing. Think of a painting. Before you started there was nothing, and then you created it, and now there’s something beautiful.