Dollhouse… the last episodes

Yes, the Dollhouse has sucked, but lately, it has rocked. Supposedly Josh Whedon had to let the network dominate the first few ones, and the difference couldn’t be more stark.

Ethical issues come up – argued with a friend of mine whether this was about Stockholm Syndrome, and on IMDB a rape/prostitution thread is raging. The ideas of free will- in a supplanted body, redefining what a body and a soul separation could look like, all really deep fodder for themes in an otherwise cheesy sci-fi TV series.

What intrigues me is how this series calls into question our ethics of fantasy. First, foremost, is the human trafficking question. Can you destroy another person’s life for your own entertainment?

Last episode covered immortality. If you could create a consciousness and live forever, would the desire to live forever forestall all others’, making it an irrepressible individual desire beyond all morals?

I’m not kidding, this is from TV. Network, TV.