Long Car Rides

I had a long car-ride with my sister Amy- Berkeley-SF-Monterey and back a day later. We had some amazing conversations. Mostly, though, they are the conversations that don’t exhaust after 15 minutes. It’s a depth of conversation that I don’t experience usually. Sometimes with coworkers, where we see each other every day for lunch, and we can prolong areas of discussion. But with family, especially, it’s hard. When my mom asked what we talked about, it was readily summarized: her projects at the museum, and my experiences with open source community. But in a quick hello-how-are-you-how’s-the-kids, or a series of Facebook statuses, or even a long conversation on the phone, these things don’t come up. We tend to censor our thoughts or expressions, because of immediacy of time, other demands, etc. Walking with a friend to Sausalito, we had the time and leisure to be quiet, to talk, to say things that weren’t really relevant but came into our head.