Cootie Version 0.02beta

There was an 0.01 but it never made it off my local system. SO … here is a working version!

Enjoy and please offer feedback. More info on what this is about, here.

Make It Simple…

Went to a great talk on Thursday by GirlGeek Dinners, and Women2.0 on mobile applications. One message and word of advice I heard over and over was: start simple. I’ve been probably over designing this application, and not seeing it through at least once, to a very modest ending. So, here it is in a fully JavaScript/ProtoType implementation. Oddly, started out in Ruby on Rails and then drifted to the completely client-side world. The graphics of course took the most work, and CSS. I will probably do one or two more revisions using more Ajax and JavaScript to make user input available. I’m pretty happy with how this works, in that it:
– Shows the basics of a fortune telling game
– Interested my niece and nephew for about 1/2 hour – in a more decrepit visual state- last Friday
– Is a lot cleaner code-line than the 0.01a version.

To the girls who have already helped make this version happen:

  • Meghan Oenning Schroeder (watch out for the demise of your pencil…)
  • The set of girls at She’s Geeky who gave us a little lesson in Cootie making and game play.

To the women who’ve given me lots of advice, input and time on figuring out this ongoing adventure. You’ll see more of their ideas come out later on in its development, I’m sure.

  • Melanie Archer
  • Liah Hansen
  • Carmen D’Chauri
  • Michelle Lupei

How Cootie Catcher is Made